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Many people say home is where the heart is… That is certainly true for anyone who has ever visited Waukaway Springs Christian Retreat. Whether you had grown up on the property, visited here as a child, worked here for a summer, or attended a retreat, we all know there is just something magnificent about the presence of God on this property. People from all walks of life have visited Waukaway, and when they leave, they are never quite the same. I would like to say it is because of the cool, refreshing spring water or exciting trail adventures. They do play a major role in what makes Waukaway so unique, but when it comes down to it, the body of Christ is what bonds all of us to the camp. Prayers were spoken over this property since before some of us were even a thought. People take the blessings God gives them and invest in new buildings and materials for the camp to flourish year around. The staff members are prayed over well before they are ever hired or arrive to work here. Groups are booked and prayed over individually throughout retreat season as they prepare to visit the camp site again.

Through many generations of sincere love and obedience to God, we have Waukaway Springs; not by our own hands and work, but through God’s divine purpose for the property and his people. When the sun shines or winds blow through the trees at Waukaway, it feels as if God is speaking to those he loves and adores. We encourage everyone to visit and become part of the family. Home is waiting for you here at Waukaway.


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