We recently hosted an amazing group of 100 young men from Baylor University in Waco, TX. The Members of Kappa Omega Tau, a Christian fraternity, came to Waukaway for a 3 day volunteer service trip as a start to their Spring Break.

KΩT’s primary purpose has always been to conduct itself in excellence, imagination, friendship, and most importantly service. That is how they approached every project we had for them. Committed to serving throughout the year in different locations, they are finding every service trip an opportunity to turn the spotlight on Jesus.

We created an optimistic list of projects we hoped to complete while this group was here at Waukaway. They were able to accomplish more than we thought possible in just 2.5 days.  Just a few of those projects were: rake the lake bed, power wash boardwalk walls, turn the surface boards, clean & seal the boardwalk, removing & splitting fallen trees for firewood, clear brush from around boating & fishing lakes, sod the main field, built fences, painting the Friendship Center meeting room, clear the main road to camp, clear trails, and so much more.

As His ambassadors we are called to work in cooperation with God by showcasing Him through our lives and our words. We can use a variety of means, but the objective should always remain the same … to help others see Him better, not us.

Waukaway Christian Retreat Center would like to say, “Thank You” to this group of young men for selflessly serving & for the valuable contribution they made to our campus. We thank God for sending them to help us as we reach others for Him. No matter where they choose to serve, they have an important role to play and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

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